Saturday, July 24, 2010

Memories of Hyde

This is a place holder for a part of the tale which is most difficult to tell.  I am fearful that the person this is written about will one day read it and it will hurt her.  So this part of my story will remain blank until I feel safe to post it again.

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Teenage Angst Plays Cupid


  1. i dont know why most of house wife has to spend their life waiting for one tiny smile from their husband smile which they found in their early married days,living with such pain like your mom and so many others is horrible take care dear

  2. Hi Baili,

    I agree that being a house wife and mother is a thankless job!! I will one day understand this better when I get married and have kids.

    I'm not sure if you are saying that my mom was in a lot of pain or that she caused pain. I think both are true though! I'm pretty sure that she was ill and that is why she acted that way - sometimes. The majority of the time she was wonderful. I guess that is why it confused me so much.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    You're fortunate to know and get treatment for your illness early in your life. Have you tried to get an agent for your memoir?

  4. Hi Levonne,

    I have not tried to get an agent yet. It is something I hope to do. Honestly, I put my writing in a blog in order to get a feel for how decent it is! I enjoy my own writing, but do not have a ton of confidence that it is marketable.

    Thank you for stopping by!! I will check out your blog in a bit (am about to run errands now).