Thursday, August 13, 2009

Six Years of Hiding Beneath a Neon Sign

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My Life in Psychosis


  1. Wow...Very interesting. I must commend you for being so candid about your personal life. I was moved by your story and so I decided to follow your blog. You are a very good writer, BTW.

  2. Nice writing style, concise and to the point. I have bi-polar disorder myself, take depakote and have lived a roller coaster life...Keep helps..

  3. I did not know the phone sex stint involved webcams, or did it? I, personally, like the privacy of phone sex ... the fact that the person doesn't see you. :) You're the first to know that secret, so keep it safe. :p

    Those fantasies are just CRAZY! They reminded me of a sketch I watched on YouTube as part of Latin Comedy Divas. lol

    Just copy, paste and enjoy the link (actual sketch starts by 4:05)-

    I am sorry for the loss of the baby but, as you wisely reflected, God knows what to do with our lives. So, we can fret, we can think it unfair, but there's always a reason behind fateful manifestations. May he rest in sweet peace.

  4. Hahahaha! I just watched the sketch! Thanks for sharing!! I love watching/reading stuff about phone sex. Have you seen Girl 6?

    Also thanks for sharing your secret ;-). My phone sex stint involved webcams toward the end - the last year of it actually. The industry changed in the time that I started doing it to when I stopped and many, many guys moved to strictly web cam calls. But I still had regulars on my strictly phone sex line.

    Thank you for your kind words about my baby.

  5. Glad you liked the sketch. :) No, I haven't seen Girl6 but will make sure to check it out.

    Oh no! Getting on webcam would spoil it for me, as it'd crash down my imagination. But then, since the industry had gotten more demanding ...

    Something about phone sex that unleashes the true self, me thinks. But I won't elaborate on this here. ;-)

  6. I wonder if phone sex that you pay for unleashes the true self. If that is different from phone sex between two friends, a couple, strangers, etc... I'm sure it is different depending on the situation.

    Anyway, for me - being the "object of fantasy" to my callers, I was not my true self. I had to tap into various parts of my brain to make myself into what they wanted - then act out the part. I really enjoyed doing it! And I usually got a giggle, an interesting insight into the callers most private thoughts, my paycheck, an ounce or more of sexual interest or, in a few of my regulars, a friend of sorts!

    In all my years doing it, I only had one call in which I believed the guy when he asked what I was into, told him my fantasy and we acted it out. He never called me back :-P. Oh well.

    Most guys were pretty shameless about paying for what THEY wanted. Which was cool with me. About 30% hung up afterward, without a "thanks" or "goodbye". That was weird at first and I would wonder if I did my job right. But most of those guys called back repeatedly. It was just how they operated, I guess.

    I truly miss it!

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