Thursday, August 13, 2009


My name is Lisa and I have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed 9 years ago, when I was 22. I have shown symptoms of the disorder since I was a child. I have wanted to write my story for a long time; long before I was diagnosed. I recently realized that I am in remission from the disease. Though I still have spatterings of oddness that are probably an effect of my bipolar disorder; I have not met the criteria for an episode in about 3 years. I am ready to tell about my life and hope that it is as interesting, disturbing and enjoyable to read as it is to live it.

About my blog: It is a work in progress. I choose to post my writings unfinished and edit them as I see fit so my posts are constantly changing though not so drastically that they need to be re-read.

How to read my blog: Though each post is meant to be a stand-alone story, I have attempted to put each story in chronological order. They don't always work out that way as many of my posts span years of my life. Still, I would recommend your initial reading be in chronological order. On the right side of my blog you will see a listing of my posts in order and at the bottom of each post lives a link which will take you to the next post.

Kudos to my friends: I wanted to make a point of thanking my co-contributors to the site. I have several works of art now posted to my blog. Thank you BlekotakraStuart Simpson, Kristen Fogarty, SaekiKayako, Stacey Meade, Richard Hurst, Ottaviano Moraca, and Eric Evike71 for allowing me to feature your work on my site! I will be adding more artwork here as time passes!

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  1. Thanks and congratulations for publishing this blog. I'll follow your post to learn more about this disorder. Keep it up.